If you are here that means that you are interested in some more information about me than it says in the little note on the sidebar of this blog. And I happily share it with you and thank you for your interest.

My name is Daria Rei Rhein. I am an artist who recently started my way as a freelancer. What do I do as an artist:

  • ILLUSTRATION     Drawing, painting, doodling, sketching. Personally I do prefer traditional media but very much experience in digital as well. Eventually, it is all a matter of the result, isn’t?
  • TATTOO Illustrative tattoos. Fantasy, animals, quite a lot of details, dark and lovely. An absolutely amazing thing to do: creating something for someone who wants to wear your art for life. And the trust – that is an utterly personal and incredible feeling. I do my very best to make the one who comes to me for a tattoo happy and as comfortable as possible considering that it always takes a courage to commit to it. Here are the links for  Tumblr and Facebook to have a look on my tattoo works.
  • SCULPURE I love to sculpt. It’s like creating something absolutely fantastic and real right out of you with some clay or whatsoever you have around. And I make dolls. Cute and creepy as people say. I think, I really created one of the smallest ball jointed dolls which haven’t been sculpted with a 3D software. All by hand. Vertales is the name. Here is the Vertales Facebook page.

A little more about me:

I live in Berlin but originally I am from Moscow. Speak English and Russian (and some pathetic German). Want to learn Japanese.

I like to read, travel, wonder about places, museums, cafes and bars. And draw a lot of what I see in real life or in my head (or combining it because why not?). Definitely have a thing about England where I would maybe like to live one day (or at least travel all about). The same about Japan with the only difference that there I would like to live just for a while.

And I believe in magic. It is a natural thing that exists in our world.

That’s it for now. If you have any questions feel free to send me a short (or long) message via my contact page.

Thank you for reading this and I wish you a peaceful and lovely time!