Being bad with posting

That I am. Sometimes I get all inspired, do a few posts in a row promising myself and everybody that’ll try harder and then forget. Damn me! Anyway, now I am all being ill and also lacking confidence in being any good as an artist. Which doesn’t really stop me from trying to get better and find some sort of a path to follow.

And so of doing it while sitting at home and sniffling away I finally got to use a very good tool for practicing gesture, portrait and animal drawing. It is a web site which has a HUGE database of photographs of models in classic poses, motion, portraits, animals of all kinds and even hands and feet specifiacally.  You can choose a specific time for drawing or pick a class mode where you’ll get to warm up with very short poses and then work on longer ones. It would not replace a real drawing class of course but it’s a great way to stretch your drawing muscle every day to stay fit and get better.  So if you’re interested it’s here and called Line of Action.

Here is one of my drawings from the 30 minutes class mode. 10 minutes pose

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