Tattoo Expo Leipzig 2017

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Last weekend, 4-5 March 2017, I went to Leipzig for my first Tattoo Convention. And not as a visitor but as a tattoo artist. It was extremely exciting but at the same time scary (I guess that sounds just like a right thing to do then).

My fellow artists from the tattoo studio Tremuschi Ink in Berlin where I work asked me if I would like to join (definitely would!) and then organized registration very quickly and quite spontaneously. A question followed if I have anything to decorate my booth. Well, I didn’t. In two weeks I prepared a banner with new illustrations/tattoo designs, designed and printed new business cards, drew some more designs for my flash and designs book (or “wannados” as it called in Germany as I found out recently). And then, all set, we made it to Leipzig.

One day off to walk around the city and have a little break before the event.

We went to set up our booths the evening before which was definitely a good idea. We could prepare everything with no stress or rush. Next day, Saturday, the day when in all began. I had an appointment directly at the start and after most of the time was really busy.  I was not sure what tp expect but my friends made an introduction that there is going to be lots of people asking for whatever. As so it was. However, I did enjoy working on every little piece I made. I met there and worked with wonderful people on some very lovely pieces of the skin art. I am utterly grateful that they trusted me their precious skin.I was working in the same room (very big but still a room) with amazing, talented artists. Just watching they working made me learn more and get more motivated and inspired.

One of the most exciting tattoos I did was, of course, my wicked cat. Now it lives on one’s wrist and being very satisfied with itself traveling wherever with the owner of the wrist. The other favourite is the little steampunky octopus in a tiny top hat. The tall guy came to my booth and said that he is looking for a little octopus. And I was glad to help him with his quest. I made a drawing with special markers directly on the skin and then, so naturally, finished it with ink and needles. A wonderful experience and lots of pure fun.

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As for the negatives, there were some. It was not very nice to find out that the price in the registration form was stated without a tax that you have to pay if you live in Germany. And it’s  fine to pay the tax, it’s just not fine to find to find out about it suddenly with no mentioning about it before. And another thing was that the dismounting of the expo started at about 6 o’clock in the evening on Sunday, all the doors were opened letting the cold wind in and it’s despite the fact that some of the artists were still working and the actual closing time was stated as 20:00. But that’s minor.


It was a wonderful time and great experience. And in the very end they released unicorns. (Which stuck under the roof but still…) Now I am looking forward to the next conventions. When and where I shall post on my Facebook page as soon as I have information. And for now, I am in Berlin. In our studio Tremuschi Ink on Revaler Strasse 6. Come by, say hi and maybe get a tattoo. Be honest, that’s what you want, isn’t it?

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