A banner for “Rei’s Illustrative Tattoos”


When an artist normally starts to prepare materials for an exhibition/convention/expo? Correct! Right before the exhibition so he/she really has no time for it. Especially it applies to decorative and printing materials such as banners and business cards. And especially when you register for it just one month before it (lucky because they still had spots) and has another work which has to be done at the same time. I am sure that it is not applicable to all of the artists and some of us are extremely organized (I praise you!). But that’s what happened to me when I was preparing for my first tattoo convention in Leipzig this year. I needed a banned and I needed new business cards. I wanted to make something which would show my style and look memorable. I had a good thought and came up with a composition which would include potential tattoo designs (showing how illustrative is what I do) and my wicked cat as a representation of the creator (i.e. me).

All of the illustrations I drew on paper, making a clean version with the help of the light table I bought recently (an amazingly useful thing!). Then composed it all together in Photoshop adding some more decorative elements with a brush I especially created for this project based on just one ink dot and unifying it.


Based on it was already easy to create new business cards and then I finally sent it to print, I was still feeling like I am running somewhere. But it was done.

When I received a printed on a fabric banner, I was very pleased with the result. And then, at the expo, I saw people having a good long look at it. I hope you also enjoy inspecting it.

I hope you enjoy inspecting it too!



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